the tool you need to manage and utilize QR CODES to increase traffic to your business, service, park, school, fundraiser,
 special event, restaurant, tourist attraction...
the applications are as limitless as your imagination.


What are QR Codes and why are they so useful?
QR Codes (abbreviation for Quick Response Codes) are two dimensional or matrix barcodes that are readable by smart mobile phones with cameras such as iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries to name a few popular brands. Mobile phone users scan a QR Code which brings them immediately to a website without typing in a URL.  With the increased number of smart phones in the hands of potential customers QR Codes are being utilized by smart businesses to advertise products and services.  QR codes were invented in Japan and have been popular there for years and are just now finding increased popularity in the United States for everything from advertising and fashion to art and architecture.    

How can QRViewME™ help incorporate QR Codes into my business plan?
The problem with incorporating QR Codes into a business plan for marketing, advertising or website traffic generation purposes is that when scanned the user needs to be directed to a mobile-friendly website or application.  Many times when the QR code is scanned this is not the case and the experience is less than what the scanner of the QR code had hoped for.  When the experience is seamless, useful and informative the user is more apt to engage with the product or service and ultimately purchase or use it and they may even share the QR Code with others.

QRViewMe has been designed to make the most of your QR Code placement.  It enables the user to create a mobile-friendly web presence for each QR Code stored in one location.  The database can be easily managed (records can be appended, edited, and deleted), viewed and stored with a minimum of effort and no worry.  The number of times a QR Code is read is tracked and can be viewed.   

The applications that can take advantage of the marketing potential of the QR Code are limitless.  Now with QRViewMe incorporating QR Codes into your business model is easy and inexpensive.

How can I view the Demo?
Try our demo today and see how easy it is to get started adding QR Codes to increase traffic to a website, brick and mortar store, school, park, restaurant, tourist attraction, city, function, special event, etc.  Just add a record to your project, create the QR code, print the QR code (small, medium or large) and place it anywhere mobile phone users can scan it.  Sit back and watch the traffic - if you build, print, and place a QR code they will come!  Apply for a Demo Pin# or Read more...