QRViewMe Features

QRViewMe is an easy to use and affordable way to add QR Codes to your business model.  The Demo will enable you to view all of the features at a glance however some of the features are highlighted below:


  • Cataloging
  • QR Code Creation and Printing
  • Tracking Views


QRViewMe organizes your QR codes into Categories and Panels.   Categories can be created for various projects and individual panels are added to each category.  Each panel has its own QR Code automatically generated for that panel.  When that QR Code is scanned information added to the Panel will be seen by the user. A text editor is included for enhancements to the text used in descriptions for the Panel topic.  

Features that can be included in the Panel are: 
  • Text
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Hyperlinks

QR Code Creation and Printing

Once a panel is created a QR Code will be created for that Panel automatically.  A link to print a Small, Medium, or Large QR Code will be supplied for each Panel created.  Simply click on the link to Print the QR Code.  You can save the QR Code to a file to bring to a print shop or to another computer for printing.  After printing place the QR Code wherever you want customers or users to see it and watch the traffic volumes to your site or store increase!

Tracking Views

Views to each panel are counted and the counts can be seen by clicking the View button in the grid listing of Panels.  This valuable information can help you fine tune your QR Code placement and advertising model.