QRViewMe Pricing

QRViewMe Monthly Service Pricing:  

  • $10.00/Month (12 month minimum order required)
  •  First 3 months FREE

Price includes unlimited access to website and free technical support via email.

We understand that QR Codes are new to you and you may not be sure that they will be great for your business or application.  While you are test marketing your placement of QR Codes we are offering the first 3 months absolutely FREE.  Try QRViewMe free for 3 months.  If you are not completely satisfied you will not be charged for the 12 month minimum order.  If you are delighted at the increased traffic and revenue and want to continue using QRViewMe we will invoice you for $120.00 for the next 12 months.  No fine print, no commitments, period.

Optional Services Pricing: 

QR Code Panel Creation

We can enter your QR records for you.  Prices per panel will depend upon the amount of data and other features to be entered into the panels.  Email for a price quote. 

QR Code Printing

QRViewMe allows you to print the QR Codes yourself or save the code to a file to incorporate them into your print advertising.  If you prefer that we have your QR codes printed to your size and medium specifications and ship them to your location we can arrange that for you.  Some typical pricing follows as a guideline.   Prices are subject to change.